Plasfer appoints Christopher Bethel as Chief Innovation Officer

Plasfer strengthens its leadership team by appointing Christopher Bethel as Chief Innovation Officer to advance its research and development program.

Mr. Bethel brings valuable industry expertise to the Plasfer Team. Mr. Bethel has spent over 15 years in the pharma/biotech space, working on all aspects of biotherapeutic manufacturing. Most recently, Mr. Bethel spent 4 years working for the award-winning Merck Innovation Center where he was an intrapreneur, idea champion and technology scout.

“I’m extremely excited to join the Plasfer Team,” says Mr. Bethel “Society is 20+ years into the 21st century, yet oncologists still rely on 20th century solutions to treat cancer – poisoning the body and cutting away flesh to remove malignancies in patients. Platelets as a drug delivery vehicle are a ‘holy grail’ of drug delivery – natural interactions between platelets and tumors enable targeted drug delivery directly to cancer cells. Plasfer’s proprietary Platelet Transfer Technology combines platelets with powerful nucleic acid based therapeutics that will allow clinicians to selectively reprogram cancer cells, returning them to a pre-cancerous state or commanding the cancers to commit suicide. This technology will improve patient outcomes by providing 21st century solutions to this deadly disease.”

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