Platelet-Based Therapeutics

Platelets Transfer Technology (PTTTM) is a technology platform that Plasfer has developed and patented, able to efficiently engineer human and murine platelets transfecting genetic material (mRNA, siRNA, microRNA, plasmid DNA) and other molecules classes at very high efficiency. 

Plasfer’s platelet-based therapeutics consist of autologous or allogeneic platelets engineered to efficiently express, internally or on their cell surface, and delivery different classes of therapeutic molecules. With our platelet-centric scientific know-how our team is focused on generating cellular medicines aimed at treating a range of diseases with unmet medical need.   

Therapeutic Areas

Platelet-based therapeutics can be used in a large array of clinical applications spanning from targeting tumor cells in cancer to regulating the immune system.

  • Our oncology programs target Glioblastoma, Pancreatic Cancer, and other solid cancer using diverse classes of therapeutic payloads, e.g., chemotherapeutics, (PLA-CHEMO) and genetic (PLA-ONCO).
    Additionally, our technology platform uses engineered platelets as antigen presenting cells (PLA-VAX).
  • Other prospective use of our technology platform is in regenerative medicine field where platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is already used to increase platelets’ regenerative potential (PLA-REGEN).


Plasfer srl is working on autologous and allogeneic, ready-to-use PTTTM product candidates using a proprietary process:

  • Platelets will be collected by apheresis from healthy donors or patients and purified under GMP conditions.
  • Platelets will be then exposed to our proprietary transfection media to induce the expression of a therapeutic molecule(s) in their cytoplasm or on their surface.
  • We can generate a broad pipeline of PTTTM products’ candidates by changing only the biotherapeutic molecule(s) of choice.